Electret Elements

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ECM Table
Diameter Height Omnidirectional


Solder Pads

Noise Cancelling

Solder Pads


Solder Pads
Ø4.0 1.5 TSB-4015A


TSB-4015BP     0~2caps
2.0 TSB-40A TSB-40E TSB-40BP      
Ø4.5 3.0 TSB-45A TSB-45E TSB-45BP     0~2caps
Ø6.0 1.1 TSF-6011A TSF-6011E TSF-6011BP     0~2caps
1.3   TSF-61E       0~2caps
1.5 TSB-69A TSB-69E TSB-69BP     0~2caps
1.8 TSB-68A TSB-68E TSB-68BP   TSB-68D 0~2caps
2.2 TSB/TS-64A TSB/TS-64E TSB/TS-64BP   TSB-67D 0~2caps
2.7 TSB/TS-62A TSB/TS-62E TSB/TS-62BP TSB-66A TSB-66D 0~2caps
3.4 TS-63A   TS-63AP      
3.6         TS-63D  
5.0 TS-60A   TS-60AP TSB/TS-65A TS-65D 0~2caps
Ø8.0 5.0       TSB/TS-85A    
Ø9.4 4.5 TSB-9445A   TSB-9445BP     0~2caps
6.5 TS-94A   TS-94AP      
Ø9.7 4.5 TS-52A   TS-52AP      
TS-52B   TSB/TS-52BP     0~2caps
5.0       TSB/TS-55A TSB/TS-55D  
6.7 TS-34A   TS-34AP    
Ø9.9 5.7       TSB-99A  
Ø12.0 14.2       TSB-120A  
Ø14.0 6.0       TSB-1460A  
6.3       TSB-140A  
Ø16.1 5.8       TSB-160A  
Ø16.5 7.3       TSB-165A    
ECM With Holders and Spring Terminals, Metallic Terminals, or Contact Terminals
Diameter Height Spring Terminal Metallic Terminal Contact Terminal
Ø4.0 1.5   TS-PR4015 FGR-1869-012
Ø6.0 2.7 TS-P0106027 TS-PR6027  
2.2 TS-P0106022 TS-PR6022 FG-1643-G
1.8 TS-P0106018 TS-PR6018  
1.5 TS-P0106015 TS-PR6015 FGR-1729-012
1.3   TS-PR6013 FGR-1806-012